Monday, September 7, 2015

  1. “ Although the Japanese may not be conscious of aimai, its use is regarded as a virtue in Japan…” (p.9). In the film, find the scene that you think that aimai is regarded as a virtue and explain why you think so.
    --In my opinion, the scene that displayed aimai as a virtue was the scene where the student Inoue was venting his frustrations by pounding the text book off the text. Then, instead of disciplining him or getting angry at him, Mr. Murauchi just simply just put the book back.  

  2. Considering Aimai, ambiguity is a big part of bullying in Japan and the film.  Describe the scenes of them and explain why you think so.
    --The biggest display of amini in my opinion was how during the meetings that all the staff would have, Mr. Murauchi remained silent on the Noguchi issue, until the proper time. Once the blue box notes were being read, he selected to express his feelings in an earnest manner like he had taught his class.  

  3. What are the differences between bullying in Japan and US?  What kinds of American characteristics would cause the kinds of bullying in the US? 
    --I think the biggest difference between the two styles of bullying is that the Japanese is more physical or psychological, whereas the US is more verbal or text related. Social media and the internet is the biggest housing for bullying in the US. Everyone feels tougher behind a keyboard so they say what they want. Things are able to be "shared" a countless amount of times and be saved to who knows where, so it is impossible to ever really move on from something if it is taken that far. 

  4. Considering Uchi to Soto, what kinds of concepts of Uchi to Soto are Noguchi’ bullying caused? What kinds of characteristics make the other students bully? 
    --Noguchi did things that he thought wold help him fit in or be with the "cool" kids at school. He may have seemed like he was ok with the things he was doing, like stealing, but deep down he was not and it depressed him. 

  5. Considering Danjyo Kankei, the textbook mentioned roles of male and female in Japan. What kinds of relationships exist between male and female in the classroom.
    --Men were much more dominant and aggressive too. The women were conservative which is traditionally how Japanese society is. The noted scene from me is the first one with the introduction of the staff where the councilor gave an introduction and introduced an assistant who was a women and said nothing and just nodded.  

  6. What did reflection papers differ for students from the first paper and the second paper?
    --The second one for the students was a means of them really finding out who they are inside and how they feel when they know they are free of judgement by anyone. 

  7. Considering Chinmoku, what affect do you think the stuttering teacher had on the students?
    --The effect that Mr. Murauchi had on the students was a positive one because he made them expand their idea about the world in a way that caused them all to grow a little. They did not know how to take him at first but they soon learned that he was a man of his word and never once told them they are limited as a person. 

  8. MOVIE---Who is the 3rd person that Noguchi wrote in his will?
    --He wrote "and everybody else"

  9. MOVIE---What is bullying? What did the stuttering teacher, Murauchi-sensei tell to Sonobe?
    --Bullying is harming a person in some way because they represent something that you might not like or they think differently. Mr. Murachi told Sonobe that bullying is the means of harming someone without acknowledging you are even causing harm.

      10. What did you think about the film? Have you had similar experiences?  Share anything that you thought about this film. 
--I liked the projected message of the film and I think it goes a long way because bullying is a very serious problem everywhere and it seems to be getting worse. Everyone has had an experience with bullying, regardless of who you are. 

11. Reflective inquiry----How do your brain work in regard to watch this movie? What is the most difficult concept for you that it showed in film very well but you truly don't understand? Why is that?--To be completely honest, there wasn't really a part of the film I did not understand. The film was very cut and dry in my opinion which is not a bad thing by any means.